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Meetings Incentives Conferences & Events (MICE)

A corporate Industry word meant for organizing special events and Includes and involvement of various departments and for organizing special function or events in the corporate industry.  


Meetings: are organized by Corporate to recognize their staff  or for the lauch  of the new process or produts \or to have educational corporate trainings like Annual General Meetings, committee meetings or board meetings, sales & KICK OFF meetings, dealers meetings & press meets.


Incentives: Are the special drive given as a performance of an individual or a team on the achievements of the previous years. It’s a recognition,rewards  or recognition for the staff or an individual


Conference: A corporate gathering to discuss the proposals of target, services or the revenue projection and target discussions.  


Exhibition: Group of companies or individual company. Gather to display their products, Projects or services, Corporate gifting they cater too

Event Management

From the creation, direction and planning UrSmartSpoc excels in all type of Event Management Services. 

  1. Educational Tours

  2. Destination Weddings

  3. Team Buildings Activities

  4. Festivals  Events

  5. Fashion shows

  6. Sports events

  7. Concerts

  8. Product Launches

Corporate Travel & Stays

We offer an extended help to travel at the cited designated  Managers / Executives of theWorld towards sourcing cost-effective, comfortable and secured appropriate accommodation in all business centres (hotels or home) across India and Overseas. Under our company, we manage all kinds of business. UrSmartSpoc has huge inventory of Hotels, Resorts, Service apartments and Homeacross India as well as overseas. Each category of businessoption are vetted by online application and property verification via phone interviews and visits before being added to our informative book and also selected according to location and needs of Business necessities.

Categories Offered: Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Theme Stays, Bed n Breakfast, Service Apartments, Home Stays.

Personal Travel & Stays

UrSmartSpoc promises to guide your travel program -the Right way. We ensure that an individual receives personal care and attention from our Customer relationship team while on the travel. We also help you in customizing the itinerary to meet your needs and interests.

FIT - Fully Independent Travelers or Tourists
A small number of travelers  ( less than 5 heads or couples) who take packaged tours at a time of their choice from UrSmartSpoc. 

GIT - Group Inclusive Tour

A special tailor made group travel program as per the client needs and requirements in a budgeted amount.


We deliver training solutions to Corporates and Individuals, these learning modules

cover the key competencies and management skills to handle business issues faced

on daily basis.

Our learning modules offer an ideal way to build knowledge and competencies with

large numbers of employees at your organisation in an efficient and unobtrusive way.

We delivered class-room sessions followed by sharing useful resources for

continued learning! Along with worksheet to retain learning.

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Hospitality Consultancy Services

UrSmartSpoc team will help you to convert your property into a Homestay, Serviced Apartment, Hotel, Resort, or a Condominium. 

The checklist of things which we do for you under our consultation:

  1. Help, plan, organize and design your property for business goals. 

  2. Analyze the business prospects and revenue growth.  

  3. Target prospect for business and contracting.

  4. Evaluate the competition which includes other hotels, home stays, resorts and service apartments. 

  5. Plan packages that will appeal to the target market.

  6. Calculate the costs of required property upgrades, remodeling and furnishings

  7. Promote the sales and marketing of property through UrSmartSpoc

Timeshare Membership

To plan a Vacation at a reasonable cost and effort free  ... All it requires is planning with your vacation consultant at UrSmartSpoc.

Timeshare membership is a holiday vacation membership and it’s an ownership of 25 years, each year getting 7 nights for a family holiday on the prepaid cost on various payment options. UrSmartSpoc is into selling of timeshare membership and you can avail domestic and international holidays. We are focused on providing the utmost in luxury, flexibility and service to our travelers. Buy a membership from us and save up to 70% off on future vacations. Explore with us renowned vacation destinations and can still get spacious suites, luxurious amenities, and upscale resort features for less than half of the retail developer price! So don’t hold back on your annual vacations and lack of comfort for your family. Buy a timeshare membership. Ursmartspoc is there to assist and you enjoy your dream vacation for years to come, without sacrificing your budget...

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